Mark – Private Car Collection

completed for

Private customer


CLIENT: Private

PROJECT: Protecting private car collection

LOCATION: West Wittering, East Sussex, UK


TYPE OF PROJECT: Barn conversion

A complete system to preserve and protect a unique collection

Mark’s multi-million pound collection of cars was being ‘protected’ by car covers, bags and bubbles – until he noticed metal corrosion and mildew. He knew he had to take action to prevent his valuable cars rotting away, and that’s when he discovered the advantages of Protect by Dehum.

Mark is very much a fan of Jaguars. So much so, that his multi-million pound car collection includes an extremely rare genuine D-Type, E-Type, Lister XJS and a modern Project 7 F-Type. Naturally, having invested heavily in his passion over the years, he wanted to make sure each of the cars was properly protected and so used a range of covers, bags and bubbles to keep them in good condition.

Unfortunately, all they did was protect the vehicles from dust. Corrosion soon began to show on paintwork, and mildew and mould appeared on other materials. Mark heard about Protect by Dehum, and arranged an initial meeting – after which he knew this was the only permanent solution to ensure the longevity of his collection.


The planning stage

Having heard the explanation of how controlled humidity in a storage environment would protect his entire collection constantly, preserving each car for years to come, Mark worked closely with us on planning the installation.

The collection is housed in an old barn conversion, with single brick walls and oak beams. The eaves had been partly sealed off with a dropped ceiling, and it was decided that Dehum would finish the ‘loft’ and house as much of the system above the ceiling, with only the vents coming through in strategic places with the control unit located in an easily accessible position.

A better solution all round

With the simplicity of the system – a single unit with hidden duct work – there’s little to distract from Mark’s wonderful cars; and unlike previously, they’re not hidden away under covers or zipped up in bubbles.

It means that Mark can now fully enjoy easy access to his collection, and although the cars are being used more frequently – as and when the desire takes him – they’re better protected than ever before.