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Our expertise

Our passion is engineering dry air to improve the world around us

DEHUM has complete comprehensive knowledge of humidity control, born from fully understanding psychrometrics. Psychrometrics is the study of the thermodynamic properties of air–vapour mixtures. Our knowledge goes way beyond psychrometrics and considers how the air affects the world around it. We have applied this thinking to our car storage dehumidifier systems to enable our customers to preserve and protect their vehicles and keep them looking their best with virtually no preventative maintenance. That's why we're the experts in car dehumidification storage.

The scientific approach from the experts in car dehumidification storage

As a part of the DEHUM group, PROTECT incorporates proven science into its engineering dry air solutions for the protection and preservation of supercars and all classic vehicles.

Our steel preservation expertise allows Magnox to store mid-level nuclear waste for over 150 years safely and efficiently. Our expertise in aluminium handling ensures the production of Boeing’s aircraft wings is accurately controlled, achieving accurate results every time.

With expert knowledge in porous artefacts, we can provide the utmost support to the British Museum, ensuring the continued lifespan of priceless national treasures for hundreds of years to come.

Controlling humidity in numerous industries to deliver individual results means we understand how each vehicle component will react and tailor a solution to provide the desired effect – to protect your investment.

The experts in creating the perfect environment for storage

DEHUM has been involved in the background of your life for many years, providing solutions for many of the products you use day to day and supporting businesses you recognise.

We want to help you directly and apply the past 26 years of expectancy and knowledge to create the perfect storage environment.