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The best way to preserve and protect your classic car

A classic car is more than just a car; it's a living, breathing piece of history. It's not just about the driving, either. Classic cars come from our individual, nostalgic experiences. We buy them out of a passion for owning something which has been manifesting in our minds for years. Owning your perfect piece of motoring history is about more than just the drive; it's about reaching back in time. If cared for correctly, it will last well into forever. Like any material, your vehicle is susceptible to corrosion if there are no safeguards to protect it.

Storing your classic car


Moisture is your car’s Achilles heel. When moisture builds, problems will follow. A storage solution for your classic car is the most critical aspect to ensuring that it stays in the perfect condition that you’ve always had in your mind.

The proper atmospheric conditioning will stop rust, mildew, and mould before they even start, protecting all the materials that make up your pride and joy. Many owners try to tackle the effects of humidity by increasing the temperature and airflow rate through heating and ventilation.

These methods will only alter how ambient conditions interact with materials and increase your energy bill. Neither of which deals with the actual moisture issue in the air. It means that the only solution is abundantly clear: dehumidification.⠀

A classic car garage dehumidifier regulates moisture, keeping the RH level within the perfect humidity range. This will ensure a constant, optimum condition to preserve your vehicle and its components.

Storing your classic car

The solution

The UK is naturally humid all year-round; a classic car garage dehumidifier is the only guaranteed way to stop rust, mildew and mould in its tracks.

When storing your classic car a garage dehumidifier will regulate the moisture level by controlling the RH level, keeping it within the perfect humidity window, and ensuring constant optimum conditions to preserve your vehicle and its components.

Incorporating a PROTECT desiccant dehumidification unit into your classic car storage solution guarantees humidity and, therefore, the adverse effects of moisture on materials will never be an issue while your vehicle is in storage.

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Storing your classic car

The ideal conditions for your car

Our speciality lies in our ability to provide you with a bespoke turnkey solution when storing your classic car. Our classic car garage dehumidifier solutions utilise the latest 3D CAD software to create the most efficient and aesthetic system for your needs.

This unit will be built bespoke to your specifications to integrate seamlessly with your garage design.

A Protect by Dehum unit streams moisture-controlled air over your vehicle, ensuring every day feels like the first day you drove it.

Simply sheltering your investment will never be able to PROTECT your pride and joy completely. Engineered dry air is what’s needed.

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