Car storage dehumidifier system

For cars that matter

Avid collector, passionate enthusiast or shrewd investor, your vehicles are very special to you. And to keep them special, we’ve developed Protect – the ultimate dehumidification system.

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Classic car dehumidifiers

Caring for every part of your car

The Protect system keeps humidity within strict tolerances – a relative humidity of 45-60% – so materials such as leathers, woods and rubbers keep looking and performing at their best.

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Car storage dehumidifier system

The best environment for your car

Rely on Protect to keep your cherished vehicles in perfect condition all year round, with no deterioration regardless of the weather outside – truly an investment in your investment.

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Protect by Dehum.
The ultimate car storage dehumidification system.

At Dehum, we’re specialists in industrial dehumidification and dry air technology. And Protect by Dehum is the ultimate solution to preserve and protect classic, performance and luxury vehicles. It uses a bespoke desiccant dehumidifier system to create the ideal environment for storing cars, reducing the relative humidity to prevent rusting of steel and chrome and the deterioration of other materials such as leather and rubber to keep cherished vehicles in perfect condition all year round.

Collector or investor, your car is very special and to keep it that way we’ve developed Protect – the ultimate car storage dehumidification system designed to preserve and protect.


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