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We protect your supercar & hypercar investments

Supercars and Hypercars are significant investments. They are the thoroughbreds of the automotive world, representing the very best in technology, styling, materials and execution. They push visual and scientific boundaries and explore areas that wouldn't work on 'daily' cars. Therefore only the best car storage solution should be considered. Protect by Dehum creates the perfect conditions for storing your supercar ensuring the humidity is kept at an optimum.

Protect creates the optimum conditions when storing your supercar.

Supercars and hypercars are fragile, highly-strung machines. You bought a supercar and didn’t plan to hide it in your garage for its lifetime.

Supercars are not created to be ignored; they command attention. Your attention. All the time.

Supercars are collected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Investment cars are stored in secure, climate-controlled garages. Owners usually only drive their cars at weekends and for special occasions.

Protect creates the optimum conditions when storing your supercar.

Protecting your supercar

However state-of-the-art your car is, it cannot protect itself from the poorly controlled atmospheric conditions surrounding it in garages and storage units.

The famous story of the Bugatti Veyron starting to rust shows that hypercars are just as likely to deteriorate as any other vehicle.

Magnesium, a material utilised in high-end vehicle production, is highly susceptible to corrosion; it will initially produce an oxidised layer, but this is insufficient to protect itself from corrosion.

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A garage dehumidifier regulates moisture, and ensure a constant, optimum condition when storing your supercar.


Without an effective method of controlling the humidity level, your supercar will be left vulnerable. Removing the damage caused by high humidity from your vehicle is a process that will damage the originality and become a costly recurring situation.

Simply sheltering your investment will never be able to PROTECT your pride and joy completely.

Make your garage the perfect place to store your supercar. Our bespoke environmental control solution makes rust and mould become a distant memory. Throw the covers away and treat your supercar the right way.

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The solution

A climate-controlled solution designed specifically for storing your supercar will ensure your investment remains in perfect condition by utilising a desiccant dehumidification unit.

Many customers trust us to care for their cherished vehicles. One of the most outstanding F1 engineers, Gordon Murray, chose PROTECT to create a dry air solution for his whole collection.

Once installed, you can be safe knowing that technology is working for you to protect your investment for many more decades.