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Steel corrosion and rust

Removing rust from the equation

Rust occurs when metals react with the oxygen in the air or water and form iron oxide (ferric oxide). This compound contains water molecules, so we call it a hydrated compound. Just about anything made from steel will be subject to the perils of rusting. Given the right conditions and enough time, all steel will eventually succumb to rust, even if it has a coating. Protect by Dehum protects your car against corrosion and rust, even the parts you can't see.

The journey to corrosion

On some metals, corrosion serves as a type of protection. For instance, aluminium oxide, copper carbonate, and chromium oxide act as protective coatings for the underlying metals. However, rust that forms on steel cannot protect the steel from further corrosion because it’s too porous.

The risk of corrosion and the rate at which this corrosion occurs are dependent on the following parameters: 

  • The relative humidity of the air where the steel is located
  • The risk of condensation (depending on relative humidity, temperature and the speed at which the air is moving)
  • The concentration of corrosive pollutants (gases, solids or liquids), such as sulphur dioxide, acids, alkalis or salts
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Protection is essential

The key to success in avoiding steel corrosion and rust lies in recognising the corrosiveness of the environment to which the steel will be exposed.

The corrosion of steel is an electrochemical process that requires the simultaneous presence of moisture and oxygen. In the absence of either, corrosion does not occur.

Here at PROTECT, we will engineer a dry air solution that will create and maintain an environment that will prevent the conditions rust needs to thrive, putting you in control of the environment of your vehicle.

Protect by Dehum also protects your car against chrome corrosion and rust, mildew and mould growth, leather and rubber deterioration.

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