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Leather and rubber deterioration

Prevent leather and rubber deterioration with the right humidity

Leather, while very susceptible to mould if left in a high humidity environment it can also be adversely affected from becoming too dry. A car's rubber components also do not fare well in dry air conditions. Both materials can be attacked by dry rot and so to prevent leather and rubber deterioration the garage in which they are stored must have the correct humidity.

Deterioration from dry rot

Dry rot is caused by the fungus known as Serpula lacrymans. It is typically not hazardous to health unless the person in question is asthmatic or allergic to fungus, to begin with.


  • The leather affected by dry rot becomes discoloured,
  • The texture becomes cracked and broken,
  • Dry rot causes the leather to shrink, tearing the fibres irreparably,
  • The leather becomes hard and brittle to the touch
  • A powdery residue appears after the substance is touched, which is a telltale sign of dry rot fungus.

Dry rot in rubber is a different story. It is not caused by fungus but by a molecular breakdown. This breakdown happens whether the rubber is natural or synthetic. The polymers break apart due to extremes in temperatures, lack of use or constant UV radiation.

Prevent leather and rubber deterioration

Leather and rubber will last many years if properly cared for. Genuine, high-quality leather can last a lifetime or more.

Keeping your rubber and leather conditioned thoroughly will keep the oils from evaporating and prevent dry rot. Keep in mind that too much moisture is also harmful to leather. 

They must be kept in a dry environment. Unfortunately, once dry rot sets in, the only thing you can do is keep it from getting worse.

The broken fibres just cannot be put back together, as this is a breakdown on a molecular level.

Protect your car’s interior with Dehum

This is why it is so important to keep leather supple by proper storage, shining and conditioning. If the leather is just dehydrated but hasn’t gone into the rotting stage yet, a little oiling might fix that problem. If it has already cracked, oiling may not help.