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Chrome corrosion and rust

Honouring a classic metallic

Chrome is a metallic material made from chromium and consists of a silver colour. While chrome certainly does create an outstanding appearance, it is a common misconception that it does not rust.

Protect cars against chrome corrosion and rust

The components of chrome explained

Chrome, like other metals, readily reacts when exposed to oxygen and moisture, and while it is more resilient than other metals, rust can start to set in over time. When chrome objects are used outdoors, they stand an increased chance of developing rust due to the weather. 

Unfortunately, rust can occur when the chrome plating becomes damaged from scratching or dents, and the metal underneath comes in contact with moisture and oxygen in the air. There are three components to chrome developing rust: the metal itself, water or moisture and air.

All of these components must come into contact with each other for rust to form.

When chrome gets wet, and the water is not immediately wiped away, the water molecules react with the carbon dioxide in the air. The water and the carbon dioxide react to each other and form carbonic acid, which weakens the chemical bonds of the chrome. Because of this weakening, the chrome starts to dissolve and wear away.

Protect by Dehum protects cars against chrome corrosion and rust.

Protect cars against chrome corrosion and rust

To prevent the chrome from succumbing to the perils of moisture, PROTECT will engineer a dry air solution to your exact needs.

Putting you in control of the environment of your vehicle means you can precisely control the relative humidity surrounding your vehicle, which will prevent any moisture build-up.

Giving you complete control over the environment your vehicle is stored in allows you to rest easy, knowing PROTECT’s engineering expertise is preserving investment for years to come.

Simply sheltering your investment will never be able to protect your pride and joy completely.

Engineered dry air is what’s needed.