Shed 5

completed for

Shed 5


CLIENT: Shed 5 Storage

PROJECT: Customer Vehicle Storage

LOCATION: Brigg, Lincolnshire, UK


SIZE OF PROJECT: 4,500 sq.ft.

A premium vehicle storage solution for Shed 5's customers

Shed 5 Storage is well-known for offering the very best storage facilities for all types of cars and other vehicles at its secluded Lincolnshire location. As such, that means creating the best possible environment to maintain the vehicles’ condition perfectly – so naturally they chose Protect by Dehum.

Classic cars, the latest supercars, double-decker buses…you’ll find them all at Shed 5 Storage. This specialist in vehicle storage and maintenance is the brainchild of Angus Treadgold, who set up his business with the aim of providing owners with the peace of mind that their vehicles are safe, secure and immaculately maintained until they need them.

His storage facilities, based on a picturesque rural property in north Lincolnshire, house personal collections and vehicles hired out for TV and film use – and so owners also need to have easy access to their cars at short notice.


State-of-the-art facilities

Shed 5 Storage has spared no expense in creating the perfect facilities for vehicle storage and maintenance: a building designed specifically for purpose, complete with the latest security systems, repairs, servicing and valeting together with the highest standard of customer service throughout. However, cold, damp winter days began to cause concern for Angus – as a classic car owner himself, he knew those conditions would prove less than ideal in preserving the condition of the cars in his care.

With that in mind, he began to look for a permanent solution. Which is when he came across Protect by Dehum at the London Classic Car Show. During that initial meeting we explained how our system works, and the advantages it would have for a set-up like Shed 5 – after which Angus immediately arranged a site evaluation.

Permanent protection

With almost 106,000 cubic feet of space, Shed 5’s is one of our larger installations. On top of that, the structure is built with steel girders on a brick base with steel walls, and due to its geographical location is exposed to high winds. That meant the airflow in the building would need to be reduced to allow the system to operate most efficiently, as natural airflow only stabilises the relative humidity. We needed to be able to have full control to bring the RH down to 40-55%, ideal for vehicle preservation.

Angus’ understanding of the product, competitive price and straightforward installation were key factors in choosing Protect by Dehum – and the team at Shed 5 are delighted. Now they can rest assured that they have a permanent solution to humidity control and can confidently offer the very best protection for their customers’ vehicles.