Why dehumidification is the best solution for supercar storage




Why dehumidification is the best solution for supercar storage

Why should a dehumidification system be central to your super car storage solution? Classic car enthusiasts recognise the importance of preserving historic design, and while super cars can be refurbished to look like new, authenticity is invaluable, so nothing compares to being able to protect the true original. But protecting a super car requires a consideration of all the factors that could disrupt the quality. These points of consideration should fall into some form of the priority list. The most prevalent risks should take precedent and so should finding a solution to mitigate conditions that will impact the standard of the car over time. Diminishing the impacts of humidity should be at the top of every risk assessment.

Humidity and super cars don’t mix

We all know that water can cause rust. So when a classic car is continuously exposed to moisture in the air, it’s only a matter of time until we can see the adverse effects of rusting taking hold.

Relative humidity (RH) is the amount of water present in the air. The percentage of the RH is determined by the ratio of current absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity.

How humid the air feels doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual level humidity around us. In fact, the UK has one of the highest RHs across the world, with an average of 80% RH. This is far from the humidity levels we should be aiming for to preserve our super cars, which is between 40-55% RH.

This is why the right storage is essential to protect a super car. Carefully crafting the conditions of its environment means it can be kept in tiptop condition without you having to worry about external factors causing any damage.


What aspects of storage need to be considered?

Obviously, humidity is one of the big factors you want to tackle to get under control in your storage facility; just because your car is inside doesn’t mean that it’s safe from the effects of humidity. Some people use better ventilation, car covers or even custom plastic enclosures to protect the car. However, these kinds of products don’t tackle humidity at its core.

Instead of opting for an option that is only going to scratch the surface, consider a dehumidification solution.


Dehumidification solutions

Choosing a dehumidifier that has been tailor-made for your requirements is a cost-effective solution to preserving your classic car. It’s low-cost to run and creates the perfect environment for your car.

In most cases, a 40-50% RH is ideal as it protects the metal elements of the car from corrosion while having enough moisture to keep leather interiors from drying out.

Not only that, but you don’t have to listen to the noise of a ventilation system, as the dehumidification solutions are extremely quiet. The systems can keep even large spaces free of excess humidity, meaning that large car garages are kept under optimum control.


Super cars require such a high level of time investment. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you spend the time to find the perfect solution for your super car rather than buying a product that doesn’t address humidity as effectively as the dehumidification solutions on offer?